A Broken Sled

A Broken Sled
Type Quests
Category Friendship Quests
Quest starter Kristoff

A Broken Sled is a friendship quest.



  • Follow Kristoff to his Sled.
  • Free Kristoff's Sled from the ice.
  • Retrieve the Sled.
  • Show Kristoff his broken Sled.
  • Get the book called "Ice-cident: How to Fix Your Sled" from the library in Kristoff's House.
  • Gather the materials for the repairs:
    • Fiber. (50)
    • Hardwood. (30)
    • Iron Ingot. (10)
    • Tinkering Parts. (9)
  • Repair the Sled at a Crafting Station.
  • Get the Sled and bring it back to Kristoff.
  • Bring the Sled back to Kristoff.
  • Get a sample of the following materials for Kristoff:
    • Fiber. (1)
    • Brick. (1)
    • Glass. (1)
    • Iron Ingots. (1)
  • Bring the samples of the refined materials to Kristoff.


Kristoff has a problem he'd like to talk to you about.

While he was working in the Frosted Heights, his Sled ended up stuck in the ice, and he hopes you can free it.

Despite getting the Sled out of the ice, Kristoff can't use it. It is broken. You decide to help repair it, but you need some instructions to do so.

After fixing the broken part of the Sled, you can bring it back to Kristoff, good as new.