A Dark Experiment

A Dark Experiment
Type Quests
Category Friendship Quests
Quest starter Merlin

A Dark Experiment is a friendship quest.



  • Gather the Ingredients for Merlin’s experiment
  • Bring Merlin the Ingredients you collected.
  • Remove small patches of big Mushrooms from the Village. (3)
  • Go back to see Merlin.


Merlin is looking for you.

He’s finally figured out a way to improve the Royal Watering Can for good and it involves Purified Night Shards. He gives you the list of Ingredients he needs.

The best way to know if the enchantment worked is to test your new and improved Royal Watering Can.

Merlin will be happy to learn that the experiment was a success.


  • Friendship 700
  • Watering Can upgrade - it can now destroy small patches of mushrooms

Tips and Tricks[edit]

  • Mushrooms can be found on Glade of Trust. Once collected, a mushroom will spawn every few minutes, for up to 10 mushrooms. However they can spawn on the west side of the Glade, blocked by large patches of mushrooms. Since the spawn location is random, you will eventually get less and less mushrooms spawned on the east side.
  • You can move the Wishing Well to the west side of the Glade by using the furniture menu. This allows you to access the previously inaccessible area, collecting all spawned mushrooms.