A Fishy Dispute

A Fishy Dispute
Donald Duck
Type Quests
Category Friendship Quests
Quest starter Donald Duck

A Fishy Dispute is a friendship quest.



  • Put on the fishing outfit that Donald gave you.
  • Catch some fish in the ocean. (10)
  • Talk to Donald about the fish you've caught.
  • Follow Donald to where he saw the catfish.
  • Catch the catfish.
  • Make sure you have the Time Capsule in your Inventory.
  • Bring what you've found to Donald.
  • Open the Time Capsule to discover what's inside.
  • Talk to Donald about what you've uncovered.
  • Go to the Sunlit Plateau and find the location from the Memory.
  • Investigate the Biome to see if there's anything buried here.
  • Bring what you've found to Donald.


Donald and Goofy got into some kind of big argument. You speak to Donald to find out what it was about.

Donald wants to catch a catfish in the ocean to prove Goofy wrong.

Donald leads you to the Beach to catch some fish to resolve his little spat with Goofy.

Instead of a catfish, you found a Time Capsule in the ocean.

Donald's Time Capsule pointed you towards the Sunlit Plateau. Could something important be hidden there?


  • Friendship 350

Tips and Tricks[edit]

  • The item location in Sunlit Plateau is south of the wishing well, if you did not move it. Otherwise, check around southeastern area.