A Tale of Stone and Fire

A Tale of Stone and Fire
Type Quests
Category Friendship Quests
Quest starter Maui

A Tale of Stone and Fire is a friendship quest.


  • Level Up Friendships
    • Maui Level 4


  • Follow Maui to Dazzle Beach.
  • Talk to Maui.
  • Gather the items needed for Maui from his basket in the Moana Realm. (5)
  • Bring Maui the items you gathered.
  • Cook a fresh 5-star meal for Maui.
  • Make sure you have a 5-star meal in your Inventory.
  • Bring the meal you cooked to Maui.
  • Follow Maui back to the sea debris.
  • Break the sea debris and collect what you find inside.
  • Show Maui what you found.
  • Gather the following items to craft a Granite Fire Bowl:
    • Sand. (20)
    • Stone. (25)
    • Coal Ore. (10)
    • Red Falling Penstemon. (3)
  • Craft a Granite Fire Bowl.
  • Place the Granite Fire Bowl in the Village.
  • Return to talk to Maui.


Maui is looking for you.

He wants to show you something stuck in some of the sea debris on the Beach.

Maui suggests that he can improve your Pickaxe so you can free the object stuck in the sea debris, but to do so you'll have to go back to the Moana Realm.

All of the hard work ahead makes Maui very hungry. It's up to you to feed him.

Your Pickaxe is ready now. You'll be able to retrieve this mysterious object on the Beach.

The Limestone you found in the sea debris gives Maui the idea to craft a Granite Fire Bowl to decorate the Village.

Maui will be so proud of your work.


  • Friendship 350
  • Pickaxe upgrade - it can now destroy large sea debris

Tips and Tricks[edit]

  • Maui's basket is in Moana Realm, near the boat.
  • One of the easier 5-star meal is Large Seafood Platter which requires 4 Seafood and 1 Lemon. You can use various shellfish collected from Dazzle Beach as a seafood. Fish do not count as seafood versatile ingredient.