An Important Night At The Restaurant

An Important Night At The Restaurant
Type Quests
Category Realm Quests
Quest starter Remy

An Important Night At The Restaurant is a realm quest.


  • Unlock Realms
    • Ratatouille Realm


  • Explore the Ratatouille Realm.
  • Use your Watering Can to wash Dirty Dish. (3)
  • Return to Remy to tell him the dishes are clean.
  • Find a Fish in Remy's kitchen and prepare any meal using it.
  • Show Remy what you made.
  • Find a Fruit in Remy's kitchen and prepare any meal using it.
  • Show Remy what recipe you prepared using Fruit.
  • Prepare a Hearty Salad using ingredients from Remy's kitchen.
  • Bring the appetizer you cooked to Remy.
  • Find the Cookbook in Remy's Kitchen. (1)
  • Improve the basic Pizza recipe by adding some spices or herbs listed in the recipe from the book.
  • Bring the main course you created to Remy.
  • Prepare a Banana Pie using ingredients from Remy's kitchen.
  • Present Remy with your version of the dessert.
  • Order up! Cook 1 Ranch Salad and place it on the Serving Hatch.
  • Remy wants to talk to you. Go see him.
  • Prepare and serve the food critic an order of Ratatouille.
  • Talk to Remy.
  • (Press "F" to access Furniture to place in the House.)
    • Place Remy's House in the Village.
  • Remy needs a real pied-à-terre.
    • Use the Scrooge sign to for the construction of Remy's House.
  • Time to welcome Remy in the Village.
  • Talk with Remy to learn about his first impressions of the Village.


A new Realm has opened. It's time to meet a little chef with a great love for cooking.

You meet Remy, a little chef in dire need of some help with his restaurant. You decide to help him by washing the dirty dishes.

Before allowing you to cook for his restaurant guests, Remy tests you cooking skills in a series of challenges.

You're now ready to serve real food to real patrons, and the orders keep coming.

Remy has been so impressed by your skills that he lets you cook for the critic that came to his restaurant.

To build a House fit for a tiny chef, you need to pay Scrooge Construction.

After securing the future of his restaurant and making sure he has a place to live, Remy joins you in the Village.


Remy moves into Dreamlight Valley.