Chasing The Wind

Chasing The Wind
Type Quests
Category Realm Quests
Quest starter Elsa

Chasing The Wind is a realm quest.



  • Meet Elsa on the other side of the bridge.
  • Gather the materials for the Wind Chimes :
    • Softwood. (15)
    • Iron Ingot. (3)
    • Twine. (3)
  • Craft the Wind Chimes (3)
  • Return to the Frozen Realm and fins your way back to Elsa.
  • Place all three Wind Chimes in different trees near Elsa.
  • Talk to Elsa


You found Elsa on the other side of a river deep in the Enchanted Forest.

You decide to help Elsa calm the Wind Spirit, Gale, by crafting some Wind Chimes.

You helped Elsa calm Gale, the Wind Spirit. Now you just need to talk to her.


Tips and Tricks[edit]