Dry Wood

Dry Wood
Dry Wood
Type Foraging
Category Crafting Materials
Sells for Star Coin 25

Dry Wood is a crafting material in Dreamlight Valley.



Location Notes
Forgotten Lands
Frosted Heights
Sunlit Plateau
On the ground



Name Amount
Do You Wanna Build a Snowman? 8
Total 8

Crafting material[edit]

Name Recipe
Elegant Gazebo 200 Dry Wood 50 Glass 10 Diamond 10 Crystal
Flower Boxes 6 Dry Wood 2 Dandelion 2 Pink Hydrangea 2 Blue Marsh Milkweed
Painted Wood Table 10 Dry Wood 5 Blue Passion Lily
Stack of Firewood 5 Dry Wood
Stellar Blue DJ Booth 100 Dry Wood 50 Iron Ingot 10 Blue Hydrangea
Stellar Pink DJ Booth 100 Dry Wood 50 Iron Ingot 10 Pink Hydrangea
Wooden Lamppost with Yellow Light 4 Dry Wood 1 Glass 2 Iron Ingot 1 Topaz