Gold Ingot

Gold Ingot
Gold Ingot
Type Crafting
Category Refined Materials
Sells for Star Coin 130

Gold Ingot is a craftable item.



Result Gold Ingot
Recipe 5 Gold Nugget
1 Coal Ore



Name Amount
Thingamabobs, Gadgets, and Gizmos 10
The Mystical Crystal 5
The Ice Cavern Mystery 1
The Treasure Hunt Part 2 2
Total 18

Crafting material[edit]

Name Recipe
Gold & Opal Road 1 Stone 1 Gold Ingot
Golden Brick Road 1 Gold Ingot
Elegant Town Square Clock 200 Stone 100 Hardwood 30 Gold Ingot 10 Blue Passion Lily
Fountain 50 Stone 20 Pebbles 10 Gold Ingot