How Far You'll Go

How Far You'll Go
Type Quests
Category Realm Quests
Quest starter Moana

How Far You'll Go is a realm quest.



Now that Moana is free to sail again, it's time to get back on the waves.

Moana found a strange map while fixing the boat. Unable to read it, she gives it to you so you can examine it. It turns into a Memory, and you can now use it to navigate.

While exploring the seas, you discover a new area where something mysterious is moving in the water.

You catch a very special fish with Moana's help. Now that she's found a rich fishing spot for her people, she can come visit Dreamlight Valley. But first, she needs a place to live.

To build a place that's got everything Moana needs, you'll need to pay McDuck Construction.

After building Moana a comfortable place to live, you welcome her to the Village.


  • Moana wants to talk to you about something she found.
  • Examine the strange map Moana just gave you.
  • Talk to Moana about what the Memory was hiding.
  • Search the different areas in the sea to find something to light the way across the mist.
  • You found a Torch to light the way.
    • Bring the Torch to Moana.
  • Navigate across the mist with Moana's help.
  • We Crossed the mist!
    • Something is moving in the Water. Try to catch it.
  • Show Moana your catch.
  • (Press [F] to access Furniture to place in the House.)
    • Make sure Moana is comfortable in the Village by placing Moana's Fole.
  • Use the Scrooge McDuck sign to pay for the construction of Moana's Fale.
    • Requires Star Coin 2,000
  • Everything is ready for Moana. Welcome her to the Village.
  • Talk to Moana


Moana moves into Dreamlight Valley.