Cooking with Remy

Cooking is a gameplay activity in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

Versatile ingredient Notes
Dairy Butter Canola Cheese Egg Milk Peanut Soya
Fish Anglerfish Bass Bream Carp Catfish Cod Fugu Herring Kingfish Lancetfish Perch Pike Rainbow Trout Salmon Sole Swordfish Tilapia Tuna Walleye White Sturgeon
Fruit Apple Banana Blueberry Cherry Coconut Gooseberry Lemon Raspberry
Grain Rice Wheat
Ice Slush Ice
Seafood Clam Oyster Scallop Crab Squid Lobster Shrimp
Spice Basil Garlic Ginger Mint Oregano
Sweet Cocoa Bean Sugarcane Vanilla
Vegetable Asparagus Bell Pepper Carrot Chili Pepper Cucumber Eggplant Leek Lettuce Mushroom Okra Onion Potato Pumpkin Seaweed Spinach Tomato Zucchini


Name Sells for Energy
Star 1
Star 2
Star 3
Star 4
Star 5
Arendellian Pickled Herring Star Coin 556+ Energy 2,102+ Herring Lemon Onion Garlic Spice
Bell Pepper Puffs Star Coin 606+ Energy 1,272+ Bell Pepper Cheese Egg
Cheese Platter Star Coin 216+ Energy 482+ Cheese
Chili Pepper Puffs Star Coin 669+ Energy 1,382+ Chili Pepper Egg Cheese
Crackers Star Coin 2+ Energy 80+ Grain
Creamy Soup Star Coin 579+ Energy 1,138+ Spice Milk Potato Vegetable
Crudités Star Coin 26+ Energy 83+ Carrot
Eggplant Puffs Star Coin 991+ Energy 1,941+ Eggplant Egg Cheese
French Fries Star Coin 304+ Energy 342+ Canola Potato
Gazpacho Star Coin 556+ Energy 821+ Cucumber Tomato Onion Spice
Green Salad Star Coin 20+ Energy 180+ Vegetable Lettuce
Grilled Vegetables Star Coin 9+ Energy 83+ Vegetable
Grilled Veggie Platter Star Coin 33+ Energy 161+ Vegetable Vegetable Vegetable
Hard-Boiled Eggs Star Coin 264+ Energy 578+ Egg
Large Seafood Platter Star Coin 340+ Energy 1,810+ Seafood Seafood Seafood Seafood Lemon
Marinated Herring Star Coin 305+ Energy 723+ Onion Herring
Okra Soup Star Coin 136+ Energy 99+ Okra
Onion Puffs Star Coin 798+ Energy 1,392+ Onion Egg Cheese
Oyster Platter Star Coin 367+ Energy 1,155+ Oyster Lemon
Pickled Herring Star Coin 431+ Energy 1,742+ Herring Lemon Onion Spice
Potato Leek Soup Star Coin 1,400 Energy 1,984 Leek Potato Milk Onion Garlic
Potato Puffs Star Coin 736+ Energy 1,333+ Potato Egg Cheese
Pottage Star Coin 215+ Energy 461+ Potato Spice Vegetable
Pumpkin Puffs Star Coin 1,400+ Energy 1,466+ Pumpkin Egg Cheese
Pumpkin Soup Star Coin 1,500+ Energy 1,431+ Pumpkin Milk Ginger Vegetable
Purée Star Coin 151+ Energy 230+ Potato
Roasted Asparagus Star Coin 313+ Energy 221+ Asparagus Canola
Salad Star Coin 9+ Energy 139+ Lettuce
Sautéed Mushrooms Star Coin 286+ Energy 712+ Mushroom Butter
Seafood Appetizer Star Coin 54+ Energy 242+ Seafood
Seafood Platter Star Coin 116+ Energy 458+ Seafood Seafood
Soufflé Star Coin 1,200+ Energy 2,386+ Cheese Egg Milk Butter
Tomato Soup Star Coin 26+ Energy 83+ Tomato
Vegetable Soup Star Coin 20+ Energy 120+ Vegetable Vegetable
Zucchini Puffs Star Coin 632+ Energy 1,216+ Zucchini Egg Cheese


Name Sells for Energy
Star 1
Star 2
Star 3
Star 4
Star 5
Apple Cider Glazed Salmon Star Coin 271+ Energy 1,572+ Apple Salmon Sugarcane
Baked Carp Star Coin 767+ Energy 1,894+ Carp Butter
Basil Omelet Star Coin 982+ Energy 2,035+ Basil Egg Cheese Milk
Bouillabaisse Star Coin 671+ Energy 2,114+ Seafood Seafood Shrimp Tomato Vegetable
Carp Salad Star Coin 617+ Energy 2,310+ Carp Lettuce Lemon
Cheesy Crispy Baked Cod Star Coin 303+ Energy 840+ Cod Wheat Cheese
Chowder Star Coin 613+ Energy 1,186+ Seafood Vegetable Milk Potato
Creamy Garlic Scallops Star Coin 499+ Energy 1,844+ Scallop Lemon Butter Garlic
Crispy Baked Cod Star Coin 47+ Energy 337+ Cod Wheat
Fish Creole Star Coin 280+ Energy 822+ Fish Vegetable Garlic Rice Tomato
Fish 'n' Chips Star Coin 392+ Energy 697+ Wheat Canola Potato Fish
Fish Pasta Star Coin 475+ Energy 1,282+ Fish Garlic Wheat Milk
Fish Pie Star Coin 303+ Energy 867+ Fish Wheat Butter
Fish Risotto Star Coin 386+ Energy 939+ Fish Rice Butter
Fish Salad Star Coin 92+ Energy 1,140+ Fish Lemon Lettuce
Fish Sandwiches Star Coin 34+ Energy 337+ Fish Wheat
Fish Soup Star Coin 368+ Energy 978+ Fish Vegetable Milk
Fish Steak Star Coin 100+ Energy 537+ Fish Tomato Basil
Fish Tacos Star Coin 448+ Energy 1,171+ Fish Corn Chili Pepper Cheese
Fugu Sushi Star Coin 1,300+ Energy 3,261+ Fugu Rice Seaweed
Greek Pizza Star Coin 630+ Energy 1,152+ Spice Wheat Cheese Tomato Onion
Grilled Fish Star Coin 30+ Energy 290+ Fish
Grilled Fish Entree Star Coin 42+ Energy 340+ Fish Vegetable
Gumbo Star Coin 1,000 Energy 2,226 Okra Shrimp Chili Pepper Tomato Onion
Hearty Salad Star Coin 33+ Energy 224+ Vegetable Lettuce Vegetable
Hors d'Oeuvres Star Coin 24+ Energy 202+ Spice
Kappa Maki Star Coin 335+ Energy 462+ Seaweed Cucumber Rice
Kronk's Spinach Puffs Star Coin 461+ Energy 750+ Spinach Cheese Canola
Lancetfish Paella Star Coin 1,700+ Energy 4,550+ Lancetfish Shrimp Seafood Tomato Rice
Leek Soup Star Coin 370+ Energy 414+ Leek
Lemon Garlic Swordfish Star Coin 1,100+ Energy 3,713+ Swordfish Garlic Lemon
Lobster Roll Star Coin 1,900 Energy 4,928 Lobster Wheat Lemon Butter Garlic
Maguro Sushi Star Coin 413+ Energy 1,206+ Tuna Rice Seaweed Ginger
Maki Star Coin 148+ Energy 471+ Fish Seaweed Rice
Margherita Pizza Star Coin 336+ Energy 818+ Spice Tomato Cheese Wheat
Mediterranean Salad Star Coin 605+ Energy 976+ Cucumber Tomato Onion Lettuce Spice
Mushroom Pizza Star Coin 351+ Energy 837+ Mushroom Wheat Tomato Cheese
Mushu's Congee Star Coin 753 Energy 1,658 Rice Egg Ginger Garlic Mushroom
Omelet Star Coin 882+ Energy 1,751+ Egg Cheese Milk
Pan-Fried Angler Fish Star Coin 2,500+ Energy 4,194+ Anglerfish Tomato Zucchini Potato
Pan-Seared Bass & Vegetables Star Coin 57+ Energy 394+ Bass Vegetable Vegetable
Pan-Seared Tilapia & Vegetables Star Coin 862+ Energy 2,194+ Tilapia Vegetable Vegetable
Pasta Star Coin 30+ Energy 117+ Wheat Tomato
Peanut Butter Sandwich Star Coin 262+ Energy 592+ Peanut Wheat
Pizza Star Coin 284+ Energy 607+ Tomato Cheese Wheat
Poached Basil-Butter Sturgeon Star Coin 2,200+ Energy 4,961+ White Sturgeon Basil Lemon Butter
Porridge Star Coin 301+ Energy 668+ Milk Wheat
Porridge with Fruits Star Coin 353+ Energy 1,155+ Milk Wheat Fruit
Ranch Salad Star Coin 396 Energy 714 Lettuce Bell Pepper Corn Tomato Onion
Ratatouille (meal) Star Coin 914+ Energy 1,572+ Tomato Eggplant Zucchini Onion Spice
Sake Maki Star Coin 323+ Energy 1,101+ Rice Seaweed Salmon
Sake Sushi Star Coin 274+ Energy 1,000+ Salmon Rice
Savory Fish Star Coin 74+ Energy 985+ Fish Lemon
Scrambled Egg Star Coin 520+ Energy 1,070+ Egg Cheese
Seafood Pasta Star Coin 387+ Energy 921+ Seafood Wheat Milk
Seafood Pie Star Coin 331+ Energy 813+ Seafood Wheat Butter
Seafood Salad Star Coin 68+ Energy 349+ Seafood Lettuce
Seafood Soup Star Coin 85+ Energy 340+ Seafood Vegetable Vegetable
Seared Rainbow Trout Star Coin 338+ Energy 889+ Rainbow Trout Tomato Onion
Simple Fried Perch Star Coin 380+ Energy 1,317+ Perch Butter Wheat
Smoked Peanuts and Anglerfish Star Coin 2,200+ Energy 3,960+ Anglerfish Peanut
Sole Meuniére Star Coin 637+ Energy 2,337+ Sole Wheat Butter Lemon
Spaghetti Arrabbiata Star Coin 141+ Energy 373+ Tomato Wheat Chili Pepper
Spicy Baked Bream Star Coin 1,200+ Energy 3,155+ Bream Chili Pepper Butter
Steamed Fugu Star Coin 1,400+ Energy 3,668+ Fugu Ginger Garlic
Sushi Star Coin 111+ Energy 405+ Fish Rice
Sweet & Sour Kingfish Steak Star Coin 702+ Energy 2,292+ Kingfish Lemon Sugarcane
Tamagoyaki Star Coin 310+ Energy 689+ Egg Sugarcane
Tasty Salad Star Coin 292+ Energy 650+ Lettuce Cucumber Vegetable Spice
Tasty Veggies Star Coin 36+ Energy 246+ Vegetable Spice
Tekka Maki Star Coin 366+ Energy 984+ Tuna Soya Seaweed Rice
Teriyaki Salmon Star Coin 637 Energy 1,726 Salmon Soya Rice Ginger Sugarcane
Tuna Burger Star Coin 491+ Energy 1,922+ Tuna Wheat Lemon Onion Vegetable
Vegetarian Pizza Star Coin 350+ Energy 754+ Vegetable Vegetable Tomato Cheese Wheat
Vegetarian Stew Star Coin 475+ Energy 617+ Potato Carrot Onion
Vegetarian Taco Star Coin 423+ Energy 925+ Vegetable Corn Chili Pepper Cheese
Veggie Casserole Star Coin 324+ Energy 821+ Vegetable Vegetable Cheese Spice
Veggie Pasta Star Coin 43+ Energy 158+ Tomato Wheat Vegetable
Veggie Pie Star Coin 279+ Energy 634+ Vegetable Butter Wheat
Veggie Skewers Star Coin 427+ Energy 767+ Mushroom Zucchini Onion Bell Pepper
Walleye en Papillote Star Coin 1,700+ Energy 3,689+ Walleye Basil Oregano Vegetable


Name Sells for Energy
Star 1
Star 2
Star 3
Star 4
Star 5
"My Hero" Cookie Star Coin 294+ Energy 679+ Wheat Butter Sweet
Apple Pie Star Coin 303+ Energy 1,137+ Apple Wheat Butter
Apple Sorbet Star Coin 271+ Energy 1,077+ Slush Ice Apple Sugarcane
Aurora's Cake Star Coin 786 Energy 2,030 Raspberry Wheat Sugarcane Egg Milk
Banana Ice Cream Star Coin 641+ Energy 1,884+ Slush Ice Banana Milk Sugarcane
Banana Pie Star Coin 308+ Energy 1,227+ Banana Wheat Butter
Banana Split Star Coin 714+ Energy 2,074+ Slush Ice Banana Milk Sugarcane Sweet
Beignets Star Coin 524+ Energy 912+ Canola Wheat Egg Sugarcane
Berry Salad Star Coin 139+ Energy 2,210+ Raspberry Blueberry Gooseberry
Birthday Cake Star Coin 749 Energy 2,310 Cocoa Bean Wheat Sugarcane Egg Butter
Biscuits Star Coin 294+ Energy 679+ Wheat Sugarcane Butter
Blueberry Pie Star Coin 308+ Energy 1,227+ Blueberry Wheat Butter
Candy Star Coin 22+ Energy 123+ Sweet
Caramel Apples Star Coin 56+ Energy 638+ Sugarcane Apple
Carrot Cake Star Coin 427+ Energy 908+ Carrot Wheat Egg Sugarcane
Cheesecake Star Coin 332+ Energy 1,161+ Cheese Wheat Sugarcane Fruit
Cherry Pie Star Coin 326+ Energy 1,497+ Cherry Wheat Butter
Chocolate Chip Cookies Star Coin 373+ Energy 1,569+ Cocoa Bean Wheat Sugarcane Butter
Chocolate Ice Cream Star Coin 655+ Energy 2,074+ Cocoa Bean Sugarcane Milk Slush Ice
Chocolate Waffles Star Coin 735+ Energy 2,223+ Cocoa Bean Wheat Egg Milk
Coconut Cake Star Coin 424+ Energy 1,750+ Coconut Wheat Egg Sugarcane
Coconut Ice Cream Star Coin 661+ Energy 2,169+ Slush Ice Milk Sugarcane Coconut
Crepe Star Coin 768+ Energy 1,624+ Wheat Egg Milk Vanilla
Fruit Salad Star Coin 25+ Energy 450+ Fruit
Fruit Sorbet Star Coin 222+ Energy 857+ Slush Ice Fruit
Gray Stuff Star Coin 175+ Energy 1,046+ Dairy Sugarcane Cocoa Bean
Ice Cream Star Coin 558+ Energy 1,158+ Slush Ice Milk Sugarcane
Jam Waffles Star Coin 709+ Energy 1,843+ Fruit Wheat Egg Milk
Lemon Sorbet Star Coin 237+ Energy 1,112+ Slush Ice Lemon
Meringue Pie Star Coin 667+ Energy 2,014+ Lemon Butter Wheat Egg
Mint Candy Star Coin 128+ Energy 391+ Mint Sugarcane
Mint Chocolate Star Coin 490+ Energy 1,827+ Mint Sugarcane Butter Cocoa Bean
Mint Sorbet Star Coin 299+ Energy 695+ Slush Ice Mint
Pastry Cream and Fruits Star Coin 497+ Energy 2,332+ Fruit Fruit Fruit Milk Sugarcane
Pawpsicle Star Coin 265+ Energy 987+ Slush Ice Sugarcane Fruit
Peanut Butter Waffles Star Coin 978+ Energy 1,938+ Peanut Wheat Egg Milk
Plain Snow Cones Star Coin 180+ Energy 410+ Ice
Red Fruit Pie Star Coin 297+ Energy 1,047+ Raspberry Wheat Butter
Red Fruit Sorbet Star Coin 359+ Energy 2,179+ Slush Ice Raspberry Gooseberry Sugarcane
Shake Star Coin 82+ Energy 142+ Dairy
Snow White's Gooseberry Pie Star Coin 338+ Energy 1,677+ Gooseberry Wheat Butter
Sour Snow Cones Star Coin 282+ Energy 1,257+ Slush Ice Lemon Sugarcane
Sweet Slush Star Coin 219+ Energy 510+ Slush Ice Sweet
Tropical Pop Star Coin 347+ Energy 1,989+ Slush Ice Fruit Sugarcane Coconut
Vanilla Ice Cream Star Coin 688+ Energy 1,475+ Slush Ice Milk Sugarcane Vanilla
Waffles Star Coin 706+ Energy 1,455+ Wheat Milk Egg Sugarcane
Wedding Cake Star Coin 785 Energy 1,680 Butter Sugarcane Vanilla Egg Wheat
Wonderland Cookies Star Coin 406+ Energy 970+ Butter Sugarcane Vanilla Wheat


The following meals are not available in the game yet, though Villagers may ask for them:

  • Futomaki
  • Grilled Eel
  • Strawberry Pie