Hangout bonus[edit]

The chance of getting a hangout bonus is calculated with:

Bonus Chance = Base + Active Friend Level + Inactive Friend Level


  • Base chance is 20% for gardening, and 25% for everything else
  • Active Friend Level is 3.5% per friendship level of a friend you are hanging out with, for up to 35% at level 10
  • Inactive Friend Level is 1% per friendship level of all friends you are not hanging out with

Player level[edit]

Increasing player level will increase your maximum energy by 25 (with the exception of level 40, which gives 50) and reward you with a unique item per level. Player level is capped at 40. Your level and progress can be viewed on inventory menu.

List of rewards by level
Level Reward Max energy
1 1000
2 Diamond-Patterned Mahogany Flooring 1025
3 Gilded Soaring Clouds Wall 1050
4 Celestial Bed 1075
5 Celestial Stained Glass Window 1100
6 Golden Plant 1125
7 Wooden Puzzle Flooring 1150
8 Astral Boots 1175
9 Grand Skirt 1200
10 Eerie Wood Paneling Wall 1225
11 Celestial Pennant Light 1250
12 Strawberry and Chocolate Sprinkle Flooring 1275
13 Grand Jacket 1300
14 Celestial-Balance Tile Flooring 1325
15 Purple Starry Night Wallpaper 1350
16 Celestial-Sunshine Tile Flooring 1375
17 Celestial Door 1400
18 Sun-and-Moon Crown 1425
19 Caramel-Covered Strawberry-Chocolate Cake Wall 1450
20 Celestial Dresser 1475
21 Gold-Trimmed Gray Stone Wallpaper 1500
22 Sparkly Wings 1525
23 Celestial Splendor Wall 1550
24 Celestial Fireplace 1575
25 Celestial Pillar 1600
26 Nightmarish Wall Sconce 1625
27 Dusky Floral Arrangement 1650
28 Thorny Door 1675
29 Nightmarish Boots 1700
30 Eerie Mauve Marbled Flooring 1725
31 Thorny Pants 1750
32 Intricate Thorn and Lattice Wall 1775
33 Thorny Stained Glass Window 1800
34 Thorny Wardrobe 1825
35 Thorn-Laden Jacket 1850
36 Thorny Fireplace 1875
37 Thorny Pillar 1900
38 Thorny Wings 1925
39 Thorny Bed 1950
40 Onyx Crown 2000


Energy overflow will appear yellow, boosting your maximum energy and movement speed

Player starts with 1000 maximum energy, which increases by 25 per player level. You can overflow your maximum energy by eating cooked meals, for up to 150% of base energy (total 250% of base energy). Having energy overflow will give you 15% movement speed boost.

Going inside your house will refill all of your base energy.

Activity Energy cost Notes
Fishing 150 Can be reduced by upgrading Moana's Boat for 2% reduction per upgrade, down to 120 energy.
Digging 50 Can be reduced by upgrading WALL-E's Garden for 2% reduction per upgrade, down to 40 energy.
Planting 25 Can be reduced by upgrading WALL-E's Garden for 2% reduction per upgrade, down to 20 energy.
Mining 40 Each swing uses up energy. The amount of swing needed to destroy a mining spot varies.
Watering 25 You use the same amount of energy regardless on how many plants are watered per swing.
Removing Night Thorns 25


Daily reset time[edit]


Time travel[edit]

Time travel, also known as time skip, is a method of skipping the time forward by changing your device clock. This is usually done to avoid waiting on time-locked mechanics, like growing crops, resource respawn, or daily reset. It's not recommended to time travel as the game is not made with it in mind, and may cause unexpected bugs.

While moving the time forward is possible, moving the time back causes the game's time to be frozen until it passes the moment when you last skipped, stopping all time-locked mechanics from working. For example, if you skip forward 1 day, and then move back again 1 day to the present time, you will have to wait for the next day before time-locked mechanics start working again.