Part of His World

Part of His World
Prince Eric
Type Quests
Category Friendship Quests
Quest starter Prince Eric

Part of His World is a friendship quest.


  • Unlock Characters
  • Level Up Friendships
    • Prince Eric Level 3


  • Talk to Maui.
  • Gather the Ingredients for the Shapeshifting Enchantment:
    • White Impatiens. (5)
    • Purified Night Shard. (5)
    • Empty Vial. (1)
  • Craft the Shapeshifting Enchantment at a Crafting Station.
  • Return to Eric.
  • Get Fish Gut Oil from Eric.
  • Bring Remy the Fish Gut Oil.
  • Gather the Ingredients for the bait:
    • Garlic. (4)
    • Onion. (4)
    • Lancetfish. (1)
    • Crab. (1)
  • Bring Remy the Ingredients for the bait.
  • Use the Nautilus Bait in your Inventory to apply it to your Fishing Rod.
  • Fish a Nautilus on Dazzle Beach where the river meets the sea.
  • Return to Eric.
  • Make sure you have the Nautilus Pendant in your Inventory.
  • Bring the Nautilus Pendant to Ariel.
  • Talk to Eric.


Eric wants to start investigating something Ursula said while he was her captive.

To help Eric and Ariel be together on land, you learn that you'll need to put together an enchanted item that will allow her to shapeshift.

With a little help from Remy and Maui, you were able to create an enchanted pendant that allows Ariel to shapeshift so she can walk on land at will.