Type Quests
Category Friendship Quests
Quest starter Moana

Peacemakers is a friendship quest.



  • Cook the following meals for Maui.
    • Seafood Salad.
    • Fruit Salad.
    • Seafood Platter.
  • Bring Maui the meals you prepared.
  • Go back to Moana.
  • Gather the following items to craft an Oar for Maui.
    • Softwood. (10)
  • Craft an Oar for Maui.
  • Bring the Oar to Moana.
  • Listen as Moana gives her gift to Maui
  • Another Leader Shard appeared! Pick it up!
  • Bring Moana the newly found fragment.


Moana wants to know more about the strange object you've found.

Maui probably knows about it, but he's still upset with Moana for leaving him behind in the Realm. Moana suggests to offer him food to appease him.

Maui won't forgive Moana just like that, you need to find another solution. You come up with a plan to give him an Oar as a present.


  • Friendship 350