Rebuild the Valley: Dazzle Beach

Rebuild the Valley: Dazzle Beach
Scrooge McDuck
Type Quests
Category Story Quests
Quest starter Scrooge McDuck

Rebuild the Valley: Dazzle Beach is a story quest.



  • Decorate Dazzle Beach.
    • Place 10 pieces of furniture.
  • Talk to Scrooge.


Now that the Pillar on Dazzle Beach has been restored, it’s time to develop this prime waterfront real estate.

You decorated Dazzle Beach and developed some prime waterfront real estate.


  • Friendship 500

Tips and Tricks[edit]

  • The easiest way to complete this is either using fences or some sort of plant. You just need to place 10 things that count as "furniture" in the swamp.
  • Once placed, removing them will subtract from the counter until you talk to Scrooge. After talking to him, they can be removed without consequences.