Rebuild the Valley: Forest of Valor

Rebuild the Valley: Forest of Valor
Scrooge McDuck
Type Quests
Category Story Quests
Quest starter Scrooge McDuck

Rebuild the Valley: Forest of Valor is a story quest.



  • Decorate the Forest of Valor.
    • Place 10 pieces of furniture.
  • Talk to Scrooge.


Now that the Pillar in the Forest of Valor has been restored, it’s time to spruce the place up.

You made the Forest of Valor a perfect place for a hike.


  • Friendship 500

Tips and Tricks[edit]

  • The easiest way to complete this is either using fences or some sort of plant. You just need to place 10 things that count as "furniture" in the swamp.
  • Once placed, removing them will subtract from the counter until you talk to Scrooge. After talking to him, they can be removed without consequences.