Type Ingredients
Category Vegetable
Sells for Star Coin 20
Energy Energy 25

Seaweed is a fish that can be caught in Dreamlight Valley.



Location Bubbles Weather
Dazzle Beach
Forgotten Lands
Forest of Valor
Peaceful Meadow
Sunlit Plateau
Frosted Heights
Glade of Trust


Location Notes
Dazzle Beach Randomly fished on Moana's Boat


Crafting material[edit]

Name Recipe
5 Fiber 1 Seaweed

Cooking ingredient (mandatory)[edit]

Star 1
Star 2
Star 3
Star 4
Star 5
Fugu Sushi Fugu Rice Seaweed
Kappa Maki Seaweed Cucumber Rice
Maguro Sushi Tuna Rice Seaweed Ginger
Maki Fish Seaweed Rice
Sake Maki Rice Seaweed Salmon
Tekka Maki Tuna Soya Seaweed Rice

Cooking ingredient (versatile)[edit]

Star 1
Star 2
Star 3
Star 4
Star 5
Creamy Soup Spice Milk Potato Vegetable
Green Salad Vegetable Lettuce
Grilled Vegetables Vegetable
Grilled Veggie Platter Vegetable Vegetable Vegetable
Pottage Potato Spice Vegetable
Pumpkin Soup Pumpkin Milk Ginger Vegetable
Vegetable Soup Vegetable Vegetable
Bouillabaisse Seafood Seafood Shrimp Tomato Vegetable
Chowder Seafood Vegetable Milk Potato
Fish Creole Fish Vegetable Garlic Rice Tomato
Fish Soup Fish Vegetable Milk
Grilled Fish Entree Fish Vegetable
Hearty Salad Vegetable Lettuce Vegetable
Pan-Seared Bass & Vegetables Bass Vegetable Vegetable
Pan-Seared Tilapia & Vegetables Tilapia Vegetable Vegetable
Seafood Soup Seafood Vegetable Vegetable
Tasty Salad Lettuce Cucumber Vegetable Spice
Tasty Veggies Vegetable Spice
Tuna Burger Tuna Wheat Lemon Onion Vegetable
Vegetarian Pizza Vegetable Vegetable Tomato Cheese Wheat
Vegetarian Taco Vegetable Corn Chili Pepper Cheese
Veggie Casserole Vegetable Vegetable Cheese Spice
Veggie Pasta Tomato Wheat Vegetable
Veggie Pie Vegetable Butter Wheat
Walleye en Papillote Walleye Basil Oregano Vegetable