Shine a Light

Shine a Light
Mother Gothel
Type Quests
Category Friendship Quests
Quest starter Mother Gothel

Shine a Light is a friendship quest.


  • Level Up Friendships
    • Mother Gothel Level 4


  • Gather the materials to craft the Sunlight Torches:
    • Softwood. (45)
    • Fiber. (60)
    • Garnet. (3)
    • Aquamarine. (3)
    • Citrine. (3)
  • Craft 3 Sunlight Torches.
  • Talk to Mother Gothel.
  • Place the Sunlight Torches at the bottom of the Mystical Cave.
  • Take a picture of the strange symbols.
  • Return to Mother Gothel.


Mother Gothel is done studying the Sun's Scroll. She wants you to craft magical items called Sunlight Torches and instructs you how to do it.

As soon as the Sunlight Torches are crafted, you go back to see her.

She tells you about a riddle in the Sun's Scroll that guides you to the bottom of the Mystical Cave, where you'll need to find something called the Pedestal of the Sun and place the Sunlight Torches on it.

Mysterious symbols appear in the cave. Mother Gothel will want to see them.

The only thing left to do is show the picture to Mother Gothel.


  • Friendship 350