I. The Forgetting[edit]

The story begins with the player deciding to leave the city behind. They found a place they used to play as a child, and rested there until they drift off to sleep. Once the player wakes up, they found themselves in an unfamiliar place, in front of a blue-robed wizard named Merlin.

[Player meets Merlin who explained what happened to the Valley. The Forgetting, Night Thorns, the Ruler disappearing]

[Player uses magic to remove Night Thorns and helps restore the Valley with Merlin's guidance]

[Player restores Meadow Pillar with Orb]

II. The Forgotten[edit]

[Merlin is afraid the Forgetting is happening again]

[Player frees Ursula, restores Dazzle Pillar with Orb]

[Ursula tells the player that someone caused The Forgetting, The Forgotten]

[Donald went through a dark portal, player rescues him]

[Donald explained that he was chasing a dark entity that was stealing orbs, who may be The Forgotten]

[Player restores Forest Pillar with Orb]

III. The Curse[edit]

[Player frees Mother Gothel from the curse, causing the curse to be unleashed to villagers, trapping almost everyone to their house]

[Player restores Glade Pillar with Orb]

[Mother Gothel reveals the identity of the Ruler]