The Ancient Doorway

The Ancient Doorway
Type Quests
Category Friendship Quests
Quest starter Ariel

The Ancient Doorway is a friendship quest.


  • Unlock Characters
  • Level Up Friendships
    • Ariel Level 10
  • Progress Further with


  • Talk to Merlin about the Stone Slab.
  • Talk to Ariel.
  • Talk to Remy about his passions.
  • Talk to Moana about excitement.
  • Talk to Ursula about anger.
  • Figure out where to place the Stone Slab in the Mystical Cave.
  • Pick up the Mystical Crystal.
  • Meet with Ariel at her House.


Ariel wants to show you something.

Ariel found a mysterious Stone Slab covered in ancient runes. Maybe Merlin knows what it all means.

Merlin told you that to open the door, you'll need to enchant the Stone Slab with emotions from different Villagers. Ariel can help you figure out who to talk to.

You've filled the Stone Slab with the emotions of four Villagers. now you just need to open the door in the Mystical Cave.