The Broken Memory

The Broken Memory
Type Quests
Category Friendship Quests
Quest starter WALL-E

The Broken Memory is a friendship quest.


  • Level Up Friendships
    • WALL-E Level 6
  • Unlock Biomes
  • Hidden Requirement
    • Find WALL-E's Memory. You can find this memory randomly while removing Night Thorns.


  • Go see WALL-E.
  • Search WALL-E's House for Electronic Components.
  • Bring the Electronic Components you found to WALL-E.
  • Follow WALL-E.
  • Talk to WALL-E.
  • Explore WALL-E Realm to find another Electronic Components.
  • Bring the Electronic Components to WALL-E.
  • Craft some Tinkering Parts. (12)
  • Craft the repaired F02937 M3 N07 machine.
  • Bring the repaired F02937 M3 N07 machine to WALL-E.


You found a weird Memory about WALL-E.

If you want to learn more about this strange Memory, you're going to need to talk to him.

Discussing with WALL-E didn't give you the answers you need, and he decides to show you directly.

Obviously, the Memory is connected to the Machine you've found in the garbage. WALL-E wants to help you fix it and puts you on the trail to find Electronic Components.

After gathering the components, you fix the F02937 M3 N07 machine.


  • Friendship 530