The Curse

The Curse
Mother Gothel
Type Quests
Category Story Quests
Quest starter Mother Gothel

The Curse is a story quest.



  • Talk to Merlin.
  • Investigate the cursed tree in the Glade of Trust.
  • Explore the cabin inside the giant tree.
  • Introduce yourself to Mother Gothel.
  • Follow Mother Gothel to the Pillar of Trust in the Glade.
    • Talk to Mother Gothel.
  • Find Merlin.
  • Listen to Merlin and Ursula.
  • Find out if Ursula can help you.
  • Talk to Merlin about the curse.
  • Gather the following Ingredients for the enchantment:
  • Meet Ursula in the cave where you first met.
  • Give the Ingredients to Ursula.
  • Retrieve the Orb of Trust from the floating island.
  • Put the Orb of Trust back into the Pillar.
  • Talk to Mother Gothel.


Merlin has something to tell you.

You discover a cabin in a tree. Inside, Mother Gothel, cursed by the Old Ruler, waits. Opening the door unleashes Mother Gothel’s Dark Magic on the whole Village. To fix it, you’ll have to restore the Pillar of Trust.

It appears the Orb of Trust is stuck between two realities. You need magical help.

You learn the Sea Witch is the only one who can cast the spell you need.

Kristoff must lose his memories of Anna for the magic to work. He does it to help save the Valley.

After restoring the Pillar and breaking the curse, it’s time to go back to Mother Gothel.


  • Friendship 1,000