The Dream Castle

The Dream Castle
Type Quests
Category Story Quests
Quest starter Merlin

The Dream Castle is a story quest.



  • Find Merlin waiting for you at the Dream Castle.
  • Follow Merlin.
  • Keep exploring the Valley to find the four Royal Tools and talk to Merlin.
  • Gather Dreamlight to open the Dream Castle. (2K)
  • (Access the Dreamlight menu from the Well or by pressing [Start].)
    • Complete Dreamlight Duties. (3)
  • Talk to Merlin
  • Unlock the Dream Castle.
  • Enter the Dream Castle.


Merlin is waiting for you at the Castle.

He explains that the Giant Night Thorns blocking the way inside are nothing like the ones you've seen before. You're going to need stronger magic if you want to access the Castle.

Merlin shows you the source of Dreamlight in the Village: the Wishing Well. He encourages you to look into it to find out which Activities generate Dreamlight, as you need to gather it to open the Dream Castle.

After generating enough Dreamlight from the Wishing Well, you free the Castle from the Night Thorns.


  • Friendship 300