The Remembering

The Remembering
Type Quests
Category Friendship Quests
Quest starter Moana

The Remembering is a friendship quest.



  • Remove the Night Thorns from Moana's House.
  • A Memory appeared. See what it holds.
  • Talk to Moana
  • Find some of the flowers from Moana's Memory. (10)
  • Investigate the new Memory that appeared.
  • Talk to Moana.
  • Talk to Maui.
  • Another piece of Moana's Memory! Investigate It.
  • Talk to Moana
  • Harvest some fruits in the Forest of Valor. (6)
  • A fourth piece of Moana's Memory! Investigate it.
  • Moana had a breakthrough! Talk to her!
  • Gather Coconuts. (3)
  • Bring Moana the Coconuts.
  • Pick up the Leader Shard that just appeared.
  • Bring Moana the Leader Shard.


Moana is looking for you

Night Thorns invaded Moana's Fale, and you're the only one who can remove them.

The Memory that appears after clearing the Night Thorns puts you on the trail of Moana's past in Dreamlight Valley.

Moana realizes she left her friend Pua in Dreamlight Valley. The little pig must be around somewhere. To lure Pua out of hiding, Moana needs Coconuts.


  • Friendship 530

Tips and Trick[edit]

  • On the flower objective, picking up any flower from Forest of Valor will count, it doesn't have to be the exact one from the Memory. You can also drop flowers from inventory to the ground and picking it up again to clear the objective easily.