The Royal Tools

The Royal Tools
Type Quests
Category Story Quests
Quest starter Merlin

The Royal Tools is a story quest.



  • Acquire the Royal Tools in the Village.
    • Find the Royal Pickaxe in the Plaza and pull it from the Stone.
    • Find the Shovel in the Plaza.
    • Find the Watering Can in the Plaza.
    • Find the Fishing Rod in the Meadow.
  • Talk to Merlin


Merlin asks you to recover the lost Royal Tools in the Village. He mentions that the Pickaxe is stuck in a Stone in the Plaza. For as long as it's been there, darkness has hung over the Village.

You find a conspicuous rock formation with a Pickaxe stuck in its center. You pull it out and can feel it humming with magical energy.

Pulling the Pickaxe from the Stone ends the darkness that was hanging over the Village. After acquiring the remaining Royal Tools, you are now set to bring changes to the Valley.


  • Friendship 300