The Spirits Of Nature

The Spirits Of Nature
Type Quests
Category Realm Quests
Quest starter Anna

The Spirits Of Nature is a realm quest.


  • Unlock Realms
    • Frozen Realm


  • Explore the Frozen Realm.
  • Search the wood for the Fire Spirit, Bruni.
    • Use you Watering Can to clear a path through the fire.
  • You're found the Fire Spirit, Bruni!
    • Catch Bruni.
  • Return to Anna near the entrance to the Frozen Realm
  • Bring the Fire Spirit to Anna.
  • Follow Anna.
  • Talk to Anna.
  • Gather the Ingredients to prepare a Stone Soup :
    • Search the ground for Craggy Rocks (3)
    • Basil. (1)
    • Oregano. (1)
  • Cook Stone Soup using the Craggy Rocks, Basil, and Oregano.
  • Place the Stone Soup on the pile of rocks near the Earth Giant's foot.
  • Talk to Anna.
  • Explore deeper in the Enchanted Forest and find Elsa.
    • Use your Shovel and Pickaxe to clear the path.
  • Oh no! The Bridge is flooded!
    • Talk to Anna.
  • Follow Anna to the calm pound.
  • Talk to Anna
  • Fish in the pond in the Frozen Realm.
  • Bring the Engagement Ring to Anna


You meet Anna in the Enchanted Forest. Something has unsettled the Spirits of Nature and Anna needs your help to calm them down.

You help Anna calm Bruni, the First Spirit. The next challenge is to wake the Earth Giant blocking the path through the Enchanted Forest. Anna suggests the smell of Stone Soup might help.

After dealing with the Earth Giant, you explore the Enchanted Forest and find Elsa. But the way to her is blocked by a raging river. Hoping the solution lies at the bottom of the pond nearby, you try to fish something out.


Tips and Tricks[edit]

  • Make sure you have the following in your inventory:
  • Fish with the golden bubbles in the pond.