Tools are special items used for various gameplay activities. Tools can be used endlessly, they do not break or require charging.

Player start with a basic tool, Camera, which can be used to take photos and selfies. Additionally, there are 4 royal tools in the game: Pickaxe, Shovel, Watering Can, and Fishing Rod. All of them can be obtained via The Royal Tools, one of the earliest quest in the game. Some tools can be upgraded by clearing certain quests, expanding their capabilities and allowing access to previously blocked areas.


Pickaxe is used to mine and destroy stone debris. It has 4 upgrades:

Quest Upgrade
The Great Maui Able to destroy small sea debris
A Tale of Stone and Fire Able to destroy large sea debris
Breaking the Ice Able to destroy small ice blocks
The Singing Ice Able to destroy large ice blocks


The Shovel is used to dig ground, either for resources or planting. It has 3 upgrades:

Quest Upgrade
An Icy Invitation Able to destroy tree stumps
Breaking Bones Able to destroy small wildebeest bones
The Circle of Life Able to destroy large wildebeest bones

Watering Can[edit]

Watering Can is used in gardening to water plants and flowers. It has 2 upgrades:

Quest Upgrade
A Dark Experiment Able to destroy small patches of mushrooms
The Final Trial Able to destroy large patches of mushrooms

Fishing Rod[edit]

Fishing Rod is used for fishing.


Camera is used to take photos and selfies.