Village Project: The Garden

Village Project: The Garden
Type Quests
Category Friendship Quests
Quest starter WALL-E

Village Project: The Garden is a friendship quest.


  • Level Up Friendships
    • WALL-E Level 2
  • Unlock Biomes


  • Follow WALL-E.
  • Talk to WALL-E.
  • Gather the items required to start the Garden.
    • Sugarcane Seed. (5)
    • Wheat Seed. (5)
    • Craft Trellis. (1)
    • Craft Burlap Bags. (3)
  • Bring WALL-E the items required to start the Garden.


WALL-E is looking for you.

He wants to show you something, and you follow him.

He guides you to a ruined Garden and you understand that he wants to restore it. You decide to help him by bringing him what he needs.


  • Friendship 180

Tips and Tricks[edit]