Welcome to Dreamlight Valley

Welcome to Dreamlight Valley
Type Quests
Category Story Quests
Quest starter Merlin

Welcome to Dreamlight Valley is a story quest.


You will automatically gain this quest as you start a new game.


  • Try to enter the House
  • Go inside the House
  • Talk to Merlin to find out what to do next
  • Remove the Night Thorns inside the House
  • Investigate the glowing Orb using [A]
  • It's a Memory! Talk to Merlin to see what it means.


You arrive in a strange, desolate village called Dreamlight Valley and encounter Merlin. Seems like he was expecting someone. Could that someone be you?

Focusing your magic on the door, you remove the Night Thorns, gaining access to an abandoned House.

The Night Thorns have spread in the deserted building. Merlin asks for your help removing them.

A glowing Orb appears after removing the Night Thorns...

The Orb shows you an image of Mickey and Merlin in front of Dream Castle. You should talk to Merlin about it.