Type Ingredients
Category Grain
Sells for Star Coin 2
Energy Energy 19

Wheat is an ingredient in Dreamlight Valley.



Vendor Goofy's Stall
Location Peaceful Meadow
Price Star Coin 3
Availability Rotating stock (10 each)


Seed Wheat Seed
Vendor Goofy's Stall
Location Peaceful Meadow
Price Star Coin 1
Grows in 1min
Water 1 time
Harvest yield 2



Name Amount
Foodception 2
An Important Night At The Restaurant 2
A Restaurant Makeover 25
What Home Feels Like 1
Total 30

Crafting material[edit]

Name Recipe
Hay Bale 10 Fiber 10 Wheat
Hay Bales 10 Fiber 10 Wheat

Cooking ingredient (mandatory)[edit]

Star 1
Star 2
Star 3
Star 4
Star 5
Cheesy Crispy Baked Cod Cod Wheat Cheese
Crispy Baked Cod Cod Wheat
Fish 'n' Chips Wheat Canola Potato Fish
Fish Pasta Fish Garlic Wheat Milk
Fish Pie Fish Wheat Butter
Fish Sandwiches Fish Wheat
Greek Pizza Spice Wheat Cheese Tomato Onion
Lobster Roll Lobster Wheat Lemon Butter Garlic
Margherita Pizza Spice Tomato Cheese Wheat
Mushroom Pizza Mushroom Wheat Tomato Cheese
Pasta Wheat Tomato
Peanut Butter Sandwich Peanut Wheat
Pizza Tomato Cheese Wheat
Porridge Milk Wheat
Porridge with Fruits Milk Wheat Fruit
Seafood Pasta Seafood Wheat Milk
Seafood Pie Seafood Wheat Butter
Simple Fried Perch Perch Butter Wheat
Sole Meuniére Sole Wheat Butter Lemon
Spaghetti Arrabbiata Tomato Wheat Chili Pepper
Tuna Burger Tuna Wheat Lemon Onion Vegetable
Vegetarian Pizza Vegetable Vegetable Tomato Cheese Wheat
Veggie Pasta Tomato Wheat Vegetable
Veggie Pie Vegetable Butter Wheat
"My Hero" Cookie Wheat Butter Sweet
Apple Pie Apple Wheat Butter
Aurora's Cake Raspberry Wheat Sugarcane Egg Milk
Banana Pie Banana Wheat Butter
Beignets Canola Wheat Egg Sugarcane
Birthday Cake Cocoa Bean Wheat Sugarcane Egg Butter
Biscuits Wheat Sugarcane Butter
Blueberry Pie Blueberry Wheat Butter
Carrot Cake Carrot Wheat Egg Sugarcane
Cheesecake Cheese Wheat Sugarcane Fruit
Cherry Pie Cherry Wheat Butter
Chocolate Chip Cookies Cocoa Bean Wheat Sugarcane Butter
Chocolate Waffles Cocoa Bean Wheat Egg Milk
Coconut Cake Coconut Wheat Egg Sugarcane
Crepe Wheat Egg Milk Vanilla
Jam Waffles Fruit Wheat Egg Milk
Meringue Pie Lemon Butter Wheat Egg
Peanut Butter Waffles Peanut Wheat Egg Milk
Red Fruit Pie Raspberry Wheat Butter
Snow White's Gooseberry Pie Gooseberry Wheat Butter
Waffles Wheat Milk Egg Sweet
Wedding Cake Butter Sugarcane Vanilla Egg Wheat
Wonderland Cookies Butter Sugarcane Vanilla Wheat

Cooking ingredient (versatile)[edit]

Star 1
Star 2
Star 3
Star 4
Star 5
Crackers Grain